Friday, June 26, 2015

This time last year we were just coming up for air as the acute phase of the Chikungunya epidemic was starting to slow down in our area. Little did we know we'd have long-lasting pain and depression from living with chronic pain as a result. It took months before getting out of bed in the mornings wasn't a task I completely dreaded. The pain still pops up every now and then to remind me that we survived. A visit from Marven this week reminded me we did more than survive. With a little love, Jesus, and medicine we're thriving. 

It was so fun to see Marven and his sweet mom, Christella this week. Marven continues to grow and develop without any noticeable lasting effects of encephalopathy caused by Chikungunya. I'm thankful for his little life, health, and his committed momma. 

Marven, a few weeks post ChikV

Marven 6-24-15

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